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Welcome to the world of Signature Online, your alternative to hotel accommodation. We offer quality serviced apartments to discerning travellers and business people. All our apartments are furnished and finished to very specific standards by our Décor team. Our Notel apartments are fully air-conditioned with internet, plasma screens and satellite television.

We look forward to be of service to you and make your stay in Cape Town and for the World Cup an absolutely amazing experience. Our company can be seen as a remote hotel with quality suites available in different developments and areas within Cape Town for your convenience. Hope to see you soon in our hotel style apartments.

817 St Martini Gardens (Studio): Peak-R750p/d ; Off Peak-R600p/d ; Monthly discounted rate-R10,000 p/m

Icon (Studio): Peak-R950p/d ; Off Peak-R800p/d ; Monthly discounted rate-R11,500p/m

809 Metropolis(1 bed): Peak-R950p/d ; Off Peak-R800p/d ; Monthly discounted rate-R14,000p/m

406 Canterbury(1 bed): Peak-R900p/d ; Off Peak-R700p/d ; Monthly discounted rate-R12,500p/m

408 Canterbury(1 bed): Peak-R900p/d ; Off Peak-R700p/d ; Monthly discounted rate-R12,500p/m

902 St Georges (o/p 1 bed): Peak-R800p/d ; Off Peak-R650p/d; Monthly discounted rate-R10,500p/m

B14 Soho on Strand(1 bed): Peak-R1150p/d ; Off Peak-R900p/d ; Monthly discounted rate-R14,000p/m

11 on Buiten(2 bed): Peak-R1400p/d ; Off Peak-R1100p/d; Monthly discounted rate-R16,000p/m

1103 Metropolis(2 bed): Peak-R1400p/d ; Off Peak-R1150p/d ; Monthly discounted rate-R17500p/m

1101 Metropolis(3 bed): Peak-R3000p/d ; Off Peak-R2000p/d ; Monthly discounted rate-R40,000p/m

611 Wembley Sqaure(2 bed) Peak-R1500 ; Off Peak-R1250 ; Monthly discounted rate-R19950p/m

516 Upper Eastside(3 bed) Peak-R1200p/d ; Off Peak-R1000 ; Monthly discounted rate-R17995p/m

714 Perspectives(2 bed) Peak-R1300p/d ; Off Peak-R1000p/d ; Monthly discounted rate-R16000p/m



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